S type Kaplan Turbine
S-type tubular turbine is Available in versions of Horizontal Kaplan, Semi-Kaplan and Propeller, also called S-type horizontal Kaplan, S-type Semi-Kaplan and S-type Propeller. This modern turbine is characterized by high efficiency in a broad band of flow rates. Our S-type tubular turbines are ranging from 3.5 to 25m in water head, 50KW to 15MW in capacity, and 0.4 to 5m in runner diameter. They are thought to be the best selection for exploitation of low head hydro-power resources.  
S-type horizontal Kaplan with better machine efficiency is achieved by relative motion of vanes and blades, which is called the double regulation Horizontal Kaplan or horizontal full Kaplan. In the double Kaplan regulation version of the turbine, runner and guide wheel regulation the range of flow rate regulation extends from 20% to 100% of the rated discharge rate, Used primarily at heads from 3.5m to 25m. This turbine is therefore suitable for certain run-of-river generating stations where the river flow varies considerably. Installation is almost exclusively with a direct connection to the generator. 

S-type propeller turbine is just what its name implies. The basic propeller turbine consists of a propeller, similar to a ship's propeller, fitted inside a continuation of the penstock tube. The turbine shaft passes out of the tube at the point
where the tube changes direction. The propeller usually has three to six blades, three in the case of very low head units and the water flow is regulated by static blades or swivel gates ("wicket gates") just upstream of the propeller.  This kind of propeller turbine is known as a fixed blade axial flow turbine because the pitch angle of the rotor blades cannot be changed.  The part-flow efficiency of fixed-blade propeller turbines tends to be very poor.

S-Type Semi-Kaplan turbine consists of fixed the runner blades and fixed wicket gates. Installation is ether with the transfer belt or directly connected to the generator. To shutdown of the turbine gravitational plate closing on the input is used. 
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