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Electro-Spark Deposition Machine——Casting Defect Repairing Machine






Electro-spark deposition process is that release the high-energy stored in power supply between the metal electrode and the base metal by instantaneous high frequency, and through the gas ionization between the electrode material and the base metal to form multiple micro-arc channel, so that the surface of base metal generated instant heat micro-area, and the electrode materials was fusion welding into the base material matrix in micro electric field to form a metallurgical bond. Electro-spark process is repeated instantaneous high temperature in micro-area - the cooling process, it is different from the welding matrix no high temperature rise, and thus will not cause stress, deformation and so on.




Advanced technology: adopt unique chopper soft-switch technology, precision output control.

Energy efficient: Although only 600W of power, but the speed of welding repair, the effect is more several times than the same 2000W cold welding.

High welding strength: because with high output energy at the single point welding of this machine, every single point of welding material binding to matrix under the state of meltdown, to form a metallurgical, generating strong adhesion.

The excellent effect to weld up on copper, aluminum: because the instantaneous high energy output, effective solution to the weld up of copper and aluminum and so on high-conductivity metal, overcome the shortcomings of welding not strong on the common electro-spark deposition.

Without annealing and deformation on the matrix: the matrix is not need to preheat, and deposition process is repeated process that is instantaneous heat input - loss in micro-area, and the matrix will not too much temperature rise, so no deformation, undercut and residual stresses , does not produce local annealing.

High repair precision: the deposition thickness is from a few microns to several millimeters, just grinding, polishing, after repairing, small or no color difference.

A machine serves several purposes: can carry out deposition, surface hardening functions. Can weld up to ferrous metal (ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel, etc.), non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, etc.).

Environmental protection: no any pollution in the work process.

Usability: anyone use easy, not need operating permit, can carry out deposition where welding difficult.

Economy: immediately repair on site, improve production efficiency and cost savings.


Basic Parameter:










Input power











1. Foundry Industry


Auto parts casting products: Repair of car crankshaft, piston, cylinder, intake and exhaust pipes, brake disc, etc. casting defects, such as trachoma, stomata.


Machinery industry and machine tool industry: Correcting oversize or worn parts, such as repair lead rail and bed body of machine tool, shaft and gear type components of large machinery, cold roller and hot roller used in steel rolling, hydraulic lever of construction machinery, roller of printing machine and other parts’ weld up.


Aviation and shipping industry: The compressor shell, air compressor shell, stainless steel precision parts, precision shafts and so on.


Repair of petrochemical, coal, construction machinery and so on many other industry products.


2.  Copper, Aluminum and Other nonferrous Metals Industry


Non-ferrous metal pieces of various industries, such as aluminum parts of SF6 transformer in the power industry, and aluminum alloy cylinder block, cylinder cover, hub, aluminum alloy impeller in fan, aluminum radiator, etc. in automobile industry.


Copper alloy plumbing valves, pipes, impeller, worm and other.


3.  Model Industry


Injection mold: weld up of wear, bumps, scratches, etc. of mold, eliminate overlap, burr of product.


Die casting mold: the marks, loss, damage of zinc aluminum die casting, as well as the surface strengthening of the mould cavity and crossing pouring, to extending mold life.


Copper alloy molds, aluminum alloy mold, nitrogen molds, etc.


Suitable Weld Materials


Because of ESD-05 unique control mode, the output energy is high, the control precision, so the suitable weld material is very more type except special weld rod used for electro-spark welding.  , other welding machine used in 1.2 3.2 mm in diameter of the article straight weld material most is to use, ordinary wire to medicine after skin can use.


ESD-05 Compared with Other Electro-Spark Deposition Machine


Type of machine

ESD-05 Type Deposition Machine

Other Electro-Spark Deposition Machine

Work principle

High-frequency discharge, ion conversion and high-energy pulsed micro-particles melt conversion

High-frequency discharge, ion conversion

Machine power



Weld up efficiency

As the work type that based on high-energy pulsed micro-particles melt conversion, greatly improved weld up speed, efficiency is more times than other cold welding machine

Only ion conversion, low efficiency

Weld up results

No deformation, can be processed, high particle fusion welding combination rate, can through various process, test.

No deformation, can be processed, general combination rate, poor copper solderability


Wide range of applications, the high combination rate of parts can be welded up, such as mold, axes, gear and other.

General combination rate workpiece, such as casting defects

Used of welding material

Wide applicability, in addition to specialized nickel-based welding materials, the common welding material can be used

Specialized nickel-based, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and so on.

Weight and Size

Weight 15kg, small size, flexibility


Application Case
Repair of trachoma impeller Repair of aluminum alloy hub

Weld up of mold

Weld up of copper casting

Repair of casting

Repair of aluminum alloy electrical parts

Repair of large parts

Repair of stainless steel parts

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