Replacement and Refurbishment Services

CHPE applies this same attention to detail for customers needing replacement components for existing systems.  Within the constraints of existing powerhouses, turbines, nozzles, and generators, CHPE engineers will design and retrofit the new components to deliver the highest possible efficiency.

Three-dimensional models are created from CAD drawings, laying the groundwork for patterns and castings. Runner castings are tightly controlled, following rigid specifications for alloys, chills, core assemblies, and other requirements. Before the runner is released for final machining and balancing, it undergoes non-destructive testing and heat treating.

CHPE has provided a number of customers with as-kind and upgraded replacement runners and turbine components that have outperformed the original equipment.  Our engineering team can design and retrofit an improved performance runner within the constraints of an existing powerhouse and ancillary equipment.  CHPE adopts a system solution for its upgrades: where required, parts are digitized, 3-D models are created, patterns and castings developed, and related parts upgraded to provide a proper system solution that will allow the plant owner to maximize the performance of the unit.
Our goal at CHPE is to build replacement components that deliver more power and last longer than your originals.

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