Quality Control System
Quality Control System
Quality guiding principle

Use science and technology to vitalize enterprise, Ensure reliable quality, Serve to the customer till satisfied, Improve unceasingly.

Quality guarantee promise

    dot1Company quality control system runs the request according with ISO9001 standard, the implementation of designing and making is strictly according to product technical norms and interrelated technology agreement, provide the high grade product according to the contract.

    dot1When the product is within quality guarantee period, the product component part defect appears because of company design, fabrication process are not proper, we’ll maintain or replace it for free. We will provide thoughtful service continuous according to Customer's need out of quality guarantee period.

    dot1After receiving customer's service request, we will give the definite reply within 24 hours or provide field service within 48 hours.

    dot1We will provide technology training according to customer's need to ensure equipment runing safely and reliably.

The customer certainly can using our product easily and well because we have rational organize frame, professional technology team, effective quality guarantee system, excellent equipment, and managing idea that take customer as attention focal point.

Quality Authentication Certificate
Quality control system authentication certificate (water-turbinegenerator set etc.)
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