Hydro Generator
The synchronous generators and permanent magnet generators which are manufactured with advanced technology/processing and excellent machining equipment. It is able to meet the requirement of different technical condition matched with various type turbines. We have successfully supplied 0.2 to 200MW in capacity which has been put into operation at present and the Manufactory’s capabilities to manufacture the generators is 0.2 to 300 MW. the stator outer diameter of generator up to 7200mm, the speed for vertical type generator up to 750 r/min and the speed for horizontal type generator up to 1000 r/min, and F-grade insulation class, the terminal voltage up to 13.8kV. The successful experience is of 4×2700kW water turbine-generator sets for the Chalong power station, Tibet, China, which is located in 4360 m above sea level for which we successfully solved the difficult problems such as plateau corona shielding of generator, etc. Our generator past the strictly insulation test and other test or inspect to make each item of electrical performance of products from purchasing to delivering of products met design requirements.
Manufactory has over 50 years experience of designing and manufacturing and many items patent technique.
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